Saturday, February 14, 2015

Recipes 227 - 232

I've been on a recipe roll lately! Check them out:

Recipe #227: Buffalo Chicken Beer Cheese Dip from
This recipe came about for Superbowl... Hubby requested that I make the buffalo chicken dip that I've made so many times before, and because of my desire to try so many new recipes (and therefore refuse to make the same recipe twice), I hesitated and looked through my pinterest boards instead. When I saw this recipe, I figured it was a perfect compromise. I was also drawn to the recipe because I had had beer cheese twice before - once at Tilted Kilt (beer cheese soup... yum!) and once at Buffalo Wild Wings (fries with beer cheese dip... yum yum!).
The recipe was very good, and it took us all week to munch it all down. I used a blender instead of a food processor (don't own a processor), so I'm not sure if that changed anything.

Recipe #228: Red Velvet Cheese Ball from SnapCreativity
This is another Superbowl recipe that was a variation of something I had made previously.  In fall 2013, I made Peanut Butter Football Dip (and blogged about it here) and paired it with pretzels. This year, I saw the recipe for this football-themed food and got right on it. Plus, red velvet is hubby's favorite.
By the way, I'm running out of football-themed recipes.
We paired this with crackers and shortbread cookies, and it also took us all week to finish.
That was a really good week.

 Recipe #229: Easy Salsa Roll Ups from BabyLovingMama
These salsa roll-ups were very quick, filling, and yummy. I loved the kick of spice with the cheese and cream cheese. Hubby added chicken to his for a little more protein.

 Recipe #230: Crock Pot Pizza Dip from FeistyFoodies
I've noticed a theme of a lot of pizza-flavored foods in my repertoire lately, and this was just another version of that. This crock pot pizza dip was a mix of pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni that cooked in the crock pot for about an hour, then we ate with bread.
Full disclosure, this was dinner. To be fair, I added a nice big salad to mine. Husband, not so much.

 Recipe #231: Maryland Crab Cakes from OnceUponaChef
I was so excited (and a little intimidated) to make these crab cakes, and it sat on my 'To do ASAP' pinterest board for almost a year, mainly because I couldn't convince myself to buy super nice lump crab meat.
In the end, I opted for the cheap canned stuff at the grocery store (even though the Chelsea Market is literally right next door and has an AWESOME fish market), but the cakes still turned out great! I had mine with lemon juice (I didn't make the sauce), and some yummy corn muffins.

 Recipe #232: Garlic Cheese Fries from DamnDelicious:
Fries, with garlic cheese sauce smothered all over them.
How could you go wrong?
Note: I opted away from making my own fries and went with a frozen bag. Call me a cheater, that's fine, but I also didn't have to deal with a smelly apartment for the next three days.

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