Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pizza Grilled Cheese and Bang Bang Chicken

Recipe #225 - Pizza Grilled Cheese from Honestly, I didn't actually visit the website for this one or follow any recipe, but instead used the idea and ran with it. I made grilled cheese with mozzarella and pepperoni, and we dipped them in pizza sauce. It was a quick and easy meal that was delicious!!

Recipe #226: Bang Bang Chicken from this was very very good, especially the sauce! I had never actually used Panko before, I always just roll my eyes and use breadcrumbs, thinking it's the same thing. Lucky for me, Trader Joes actually carries Panko, and it was very good! A lot crunchier than breadcrumbs, and reminded me a lot of bento box chicken. The only problem was making the chicken in batches because A. I ate half the chicken before I finished by picking it off the finished plate and B. Half of it was cold when I actually did serve it. Yummy though!!

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