Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pantry Purge Cake and Recent Recipes

Recipe #174 - Hot and Spicy Sausage Dip from SweetLittleBlueBird:  I apologize for the lack of picture of this, I had one last-minute chance to take a picture before it got taken away to be served at a pot-luck, but trust me, this is WAY more delicious than it looks.  This sausage dip is everything you love about sausage balls, in a cheesy, creamy dip form.  I made this for a school event.  I made it the night before, then re-heated it in the crock pot the next day before our meeting. It was gone before I even got a chance to have any, but I had a feeling that would happen and I snuck some the night before. Yummy yummy!

Recipe #175 - Martha Stewart's Macaroni and Cheese from food52: I don't have a picture of this dish. I made it for a Memorial Day barbeque, and it was pretty good, but not absolutely spectacular. I have to say the bread on top was different, but definitely added an extra crunchy aspect to the mac and cheese that people seemed to like, but it didn't re-heat very well.

Recipe #176 - Double Crunch Honey Garlic Chicken from rockrecipes:  I'm working on cleaning out our massive stock of food before I go and buy more, and this recipe was chosen because it was made with everything we already had in the house.  It was pretty easy (not as easy as my usual meal of a bowl of pasta) and absolutely delicious! Fiance liked the chicken alone without the sauce, so I had extra sauce left over. I had chicken nuggets the
 next day and it was just as good!

Recipe #177 - Easy Addicting Corn from BudgetSavvyDiva: This corn was yummy, but I prefer just plain 'ol corn on the cob. Worth a try... it's easy and a use of that bag of corn in your packed freezer!

Recipe #178 - Chicken with Feta Cheese Sauce from Garnishwithlemon: If there is one food I love more than anything it is feta cheese. Okay, not really, but I love feta cheese a lot... and this recipe was delicious! It was a chicken with a creamy, delicious feta cheese sauce. I had tons of sauce leftover even though I used a ton, so I'm putting it on pasta tonight to make a different kind of mac and cheese. Yum!

Recipe #179 - Pantry Purge Cake: This is my masterpiece.  As I said, I'm working hard to clean out the pantry, and I had a box of cake mix and some chocolate frosting in there.  Now, it just seemed to boring to make a simple cake, so I made an extreme pantry purge cake.

First, I made the box cake in two 9" rounds.

Next, I melted a bunch of chocolate chips and peanut butter together to make this deliciousness:

Then I added some powdered sugar to make a true frosting.

I added that mix to the top of one layer, really thick, and cooled it in the refrigerator.  It turned into a delicious fudge-like substance.

Next, I mixed some peanut butter in with the container of frosting to add some bulk and flavor to it. I then covered the two layers in the store-bought frosting mix.

Finally, I finished it off with piped frosting and melted peanut butter drizzle.  What a work of art!

Now... the taste.  The cake was SO dry, it was a horrible mix! Everything else (MY creations) were delicious though!

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