Thursday, June 5, 2014

American Flag Shorts - DIY!

Did I mention it's summer? I don't think I did. Well, it's summer... and that nice, relaxing time that I've been looking forward to for 9 months very quickly turned into boredom and loneliness.  What do teachers do over the summer pre-family?

Well, I may have a gap for a few more years, but I am happy to fill that gap with crafts. I finally have time to do all those silly things that I saw on pinterest and never got around to.  Not only do I love doing it, but it gives me a focus during my empty days.

Are you rolling your eyes and saying 'Poor Baby' yet?

So, I saw these adorable American Flag Shorts on pinterest from tumblr, and I knew just how easy they would be to make... so I did!

First thing I did was start with some white shorts.

Then, I cut out a star shape on cardstock with the cricut, and I traced the stars on the left pocket in regular, ballpoint pen.

I also drew lines on the right pocket using a ruler.

Then, I painted.  Just plain 'ol fabric paint and a paintbrush.  It took a little patience to paint all around those star shapes, but overall the whole project took about 30 minutes and they are my new favorite shorts!!!

 I'm ready for summer, are you!?

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