Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pre-K Week 29: Under the Sea

The Under the Sea theme was one that I had been looking for all year, and it finally came this past week!  

We started by talking about fish on Monday, and we read 'The Rainbow Fish'. It's such a great book to teach about sharing and seeing how the Rainbow Fish not only shares his scales, but he also shares his happiness when he becomes friends with everyone.

The kids made these Rainbow Fish from a CD by gluing sequins and paper pieces onto the back of old CDs to make them really shiny. It was also a great activity to practice glue dotting. 

On Tuesday, we talked about sharks and read the book "Great Sharky Shark".  The kids did cutting practice by making these Paper Plate Shark Jaws from DollarStoreCrafts. I prepared the plates by cutting the oval out of the inside of the plate and drawing lines where I wanted the kids to cut (the jaw line of the shark and the teeth). It was a looot of cutting for such little kids and a lot of them needed quite a bit of help, but it was great practice and the kids loved their scary sharks!

The kids also got to play with water in their rotations that day. In one center, they did water play including measuring, feeling, listening, etc to water. In the other center, they water painted the letter U, which was our letter of the week. 

On Wednesday, Octopuses were the main topic. I didn't have any Octopus-specific books, so we read Finding Nemo, then the kids watched the movie while being pulled to work on their adorable Counting Octopus Project from Mrs. Karen's Class. I loved this activity because the students practiced recognizing their numbers, one-to-one correlation and fine motor skills by sticking the correct amount of stickers on each leg, counting to 8, ordering the numbers, gluing, and drawing on the face. 

On Thursday, we talked about whales (sorry, I don't remember what book we read). For our art project, we made these 'Whale of a Bag's from abcand123learning. Aren't they freaking adorable? The kids stuffed the bags, painted them, and added eyes, mouth, and a tissue for the blow hole. 

Finally, on Friday, we talked about crabs. We read a book called 'Gabby the Crab' about a crab who becomes a superhero, and then the kids made my favorite craft of the week... these ADORABLE Crab Hats from FamilyFun. These were made from painted paper plates, construction paper, clothespins, and balls. 

My favorite part was that hung all of our animals from the ceiling in groups so it looked 
Iike we were under the sea.we had a school of fish, a pod of whales, and a consortium of octopuses. I think this would've a really fun project to do with older kids who are learning about groups of animals!!

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