Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rest of Christmas Gifts - For Friends and Family: Bucket List, Florida Nail Art, Teacher Toolbox, Picture Canvases, Starbucks Gift

I know it's the middle of February, but I still have a few Christmas gifts that I haven't gotten around to posting about yet!

We'll start with my roommate... she's moving away at the end of the school year, so I went with a Florida love theme.

First I made this Florida Bucket List Frame just like the one I made for my brother for Christmas back in 2011 (you can see that post here). Some of the things on the bucket list include Kennedy Space Center, Disney, and wedding crafts!

The other thing I made for roomie was this Florida Nail Art inspired by OurMiniFamily.

To make this, I started by painting a plaque. I then traced the shape of Florida onto the wood. I didn't actually make any pen marks on the wood, I just made an indent. Then I nailed in little nails around the shape, and added a heart around West Palm Beach (where roomie is from).

Next I used crochet string around the state between the heart and the outline of the state. Finally, I added a quote:
"Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but never our hearts." - Oliver Wendell Holmes
(Sorry I don't have a picture with the quote... it was messier than I would have liked).


For my mom, I made this Teacher Toolbox that I had made for myself back in September. I love it so much and it keeps me so organized that I just had to pass it along! Of course, I did it in purple, my mom's favorite color.


For my dad's Christmas present, I made him this Triathlon Picture Canvas inspired by this picture on tumblr.  To do this, I just used different pictures from his triathlons mixed with photoshop to have them fit into the letters. When I finished all the digital stuff, I sent the finished project to WalMart to have it printed on a canvas (it was on sale that week... I think it was $11 for the 11x8 canvas!)

For my brother and his new wife, I used their wedding pictures to make a few things. 

First, I put together all of the pictures from their wedding, including pictures and videos from all the guests, the professional pictures, and my pictures, with music on a Wedding Picture DVD. Picture DVDs are one of my favorite gifts to make, and I might over-use them :-/ 
I also made them a First Dance Lyrics Canvas, inspired by this picture on blogspot. To do this, I just used one of their beautiful professional pictures and photoshopped in the lyrics to their first dance song - 'Home' by Phillip Phillips. I really like how this turned out!  


The final gift that I have yet to post about is this Starbucks Hot Cocoa Gift from SaucySprinkles. To do this, I put a Starbucks gift card inside a Starbucks cold cup with brown and white tissue paper made to look like coffee with whipped cream. I also added red tinsel to look like a cherry. I packaged it together with three hot chocolate mixes.  This was for my classroom assistant.

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