Sunday, February 16, 2014

Recent Recipes - Doggie Cake, PB Sheet Cake, Football Party Recipes and More

I've been working on trying a few more recipes, and I think I'm doing pretty well! 

Recipe #162 - Sausage Biscuit Bites from PlainChicken. Although I don't have a picture of these scrumptious balls, I can give you my word that they were amazing. A few months ago I fell in love with sausage balls, and this was like a sausage ball baked in a biscuit... I couldn't get enough!

Recipe #163 - Football Cracker and Cheese Plate from babble. For Superbowl night, I made a few football-themed plates, including this cracker and cheese plate. It was cute and yummy :)

Recipe #164 - Football Field Dip Platter from PartyCity. This was my other superbowl plate - A football field dip platter. I just put three dips - queso, salsa, and guac in a 9x12 dish and added lines with ranch (I wanted to use sour cream but didn't have any). The cherry tomatoes on top were like cute little players. 

Recipe #165 - Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese  from TheGirlWhoAteEverything. This recipe was so so good and we ended up making it twice (not necessarily because we wanted to... it was left out on accident overnight and it was too good not to replace). We tried it with a little barbeque sauce when we reheated it and it was extra good!

Recipe #166 - Peanut Butter Sheet Cake  from TastyKitchen. This was my first sheet cake that I had ever made, and it might be one of my new favorite cakes! It was so moist and delicious (thanks to all the butter...) and the delicious peanut butter flavor!!  The frosting was more like a glaze or icing, but still yummy.

Recipe #167 - Doggie-Safe Cake from BrownEyedBaker. I saved my best recent recipe for last. Our dog, Lily's birthday was at the end of January. It also happened to be two days after the two-year mark of our adoption of her. We had never celebrated her birthday OR anniversary before, and since this was her 10th birthday we thought it would be the perfect excuse to make up for what we missed! We threw her a little doggie birthday party, where I made this dog and people-friendly cake with nonfat cream cheese frosting. Lily LOVED it! We only gave her a little the first night because she can have a sensitive stomach and we were still concerned about how she would react, but by the next day we realized all seemed good and let her finish it over a few days. Her favorite part was the cream cheese frosting... she was like a little kid licking it off before eating the cake!
My favorite part by far was the photo shoot. Here are some of the best pictures!

This one's one of my favorite! She has crazy eyes :)

"Are you sure I can eat it?"


This picture's my favorite because I happened to catch her at just the right time to make it look like she's a crazy mean dog who devoured the cake. Really she took these tiny lady-like bites and licked off all her crumbs and frosting from her mouth before taking the next bite.

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