Tuesday, February 4, 2014

PreK Week 22 - 100th Day and Opposites

Week 22 was a short week that had the 100th day of school in it. During this week, we talked about opposites with the letter O. We read opposite books like "Go Dog, Go" and practiced matching our opposites with the Apple app: 'Opposites 1'. The kids were really good at knowing their opposites! 

Thursday was the 100th day of school, so we did a few things with the number 100. Our overall learning goal was that the kids would be able to recognize and name the number 100. 

The kids decorated the number 100 with 100 stickers. They also glued the number 100 down on a piece of paper and decorated it.
We also took 100th day of school pictures with the frame I used at the beginning of school.

Finally, my favorite thing we did all day was take pictures of the kids with the AgingBooth app on the iPad, and turn them all into 100 years old. The kids loved how silly they looked, and some of them were just too hilarious!!! We hung them up in a mini-display in the hallway and we get lots of compliments.

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