Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pre-K Week 25: Love and Valentine's Day

Our 25th week of school this year led up to the Friday of Valentine's Day, so the theme for the week was love. The learning goals were that the students would be able to tell who they loved and who loved them. Right away, the majority of the students were able to give at least a simple answer, such as 'mommy'. Other students even gave very elaborate answers, naming off all their family members. My favorite answer was one student who made sure to include his dog in his list of loved ones.

The letter of the week was Ms. L. 

On Monday, we played a game called Hearts and Circles from 'Early Childhood Themes'. To play this game, I cut out hearts from different colored construction papering I laid down a hula hoop. I spread all the hearts out on a table, then working in groups of three student I called out instructions kind of like twister: "Put the pink heart under the circle", "Put the blue heart beside the circle", "Put the orange heart inside the circle". This was a great game because it helped the kids work on spatial/locational concepts as well as colors. 

The kids also did Love Finger Painting from I know I've done the same concept of finger-painting over an existing letter or picture, then removing it to have white space, but this was just too cute to pass up. For this, I die-cut the letters L O V E from scrap paper and put them on the paper with sticky tack in the Philadelphia love sign pattern. The students then finger-painted over the whole paper in red, purple, and orange paint. When it was all dry, we peeled off the letters and the kids had adorable pieces of art!!!

On Tuesday, we made Valentine's Day wreaths from the book "Art for All Seasons". For these, the kids just glued love shapes like hearts and the ASL symbol for I Love You on the rim of paper plates, then we hung them from the ceiling for decoration.

The kids also worked on Valentine's Day Preschool Packs from

On Wednesday, the kids made their Valentine's Day cards to their parents (from painted their hands pink and pressed them on the inside of a construction paper card in the shape of a heart. When it was dry, the kids glued a heart to the middle of their hands, glued on text that said I Love You, and decorated the outside.

On Thursday we made Paper Plate Valentine Mailboxes from To do this, we started with a whole paper plate and a half paper plate and the kids painted both of them. When they were dry, we hole-punched holes around the outside and the kids laced the two plates together. I had written all their names out on construction paper and cut out each letter in the shape of a heart, so the kids put their names in order and glued them on the outside of their mailbox. This was such a cute holder for the kids' Valentines on Friday, but it could hardly contain them all! I think next year I will have to so tissue or shoe boxes instead.

For my valentines for the kids, I made these cute Minion Twinkie Valentines from 
They were so easy and the kids loved them!

For our Valentine's Day Celebration on Friday, we decorated cookies, passed out valentines, and danced to music to end our week!

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