Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pre-K Week 20: New Year

The first week back from winter break was one that we focused on the New Year celebrations. We worked really hard on recognizing and saying the year when asked, 'What year is it? (Which is very difficult for pre-kers to do). 

It was a short week and a lot of it was spent reviewing procedures, but we did do a few cute activities. 

First we decorated the number 2014, which the kids had a lot of fun doing. We used stickers, dot paint, markers, and some glitter.

We also made noisemakers from the book, 'Art for All Seasons'. We made these by attaching a small square of wax paper to the end of a toilet paper roll with a rubber band. I hole-punched two holes in the side of the toilet paper roll, then the kids decorated the with stickers and markers.

The noisemakers worked by the kids humming in them, kind of like a kazoo. The sound changed when they put their fingers over one or both of the holes. 

The final project we did was these hand New Year resolutions from For these, we traced the kids hands and cut them out, then figured out what their new years resolution would be and wrote it on the hand. I printed off the cute poem from freekidscrafts and displayed it outside. 

This was our simple New Year's display:

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