Thursday, January 2, 2014

Secret Santa Gifts - Thanksgiving Wreath and Hot Chocolate Ornaments

So this year at work we did Secret Santa throughout the whole holiday season.  This meant that we were expected to trade gifts for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. At least, I think that's what it meant. That's what I did anyways... it wasn't really clear.

For Halloween, I made a mummy container (from alderberryhill) full of eyeball pretzels (from cookingclassessandiego), as well as a googly eye frame (from popper&mimi).

I'm so bummed I can't find pictures of the mummy container and the googly eye frame because they were really cute, but if I find them later I will definitely post them!

For Thanksgiving I made this Simple Thanksgiving Wreath from Pinterest.  To make this wreath, I wrapped foam piping with thick brown ribbon and secured it with hot glue. I then added felt fall leaves that were actually sold as coasters in packs at Michael's.  I think it turned out really cute... I love wreaths!

Finally, for the Christmas gift, I made these adorable Hot Chocolate Ornaments from BubblyNatureCreations. I was in love with the idea of filling these clear ornaments with mixes, and re-created it a few times this Christmas season.  For each of these ornaments, I used a different hot chocolate mix. One was milk chocolate, one was dark chocolate, and one was mint chocolate. I layered with sprinkles, chocolate chips, and those mini freeze-dried marshmallows. I feel like I have to give a public service announcement here... I discovered that the marshmallows taste JUST like the ones in lucky charms. YUM!
Oh, I also included a cute little winter penguin mug :)

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