Thursday, January 16, 2014

[Future In-Law Gifts] Reinbeers, baking supplies, golf kit, grill kit, ladder golf.

This Christmas was the first one fiance and I spent together, and we were at his family's house with all the siblings and boyfriends there as well. It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed coming up with gifts to make for each person.

For the sisters' boyfriends, I wanted to do a small, but still thoughtful gift that they would enjoy. 
I really liked these Reinbeers from Life of a Modern Mom and I thought that would be a great gift since the boys all love getting together and grunting over beer... or something like that. Fiance gave me suggestions on beers to buy them that he knew they liked, but they had a make-your-own-6pack and Publix and I ended up choosing blindly. I know nothing about beer. 

To make the Reinbeer, I just added brown pipe cleaners to the top, two googly eyes and a red pom pom for the nose. I used hot glue. 

Then, for a little added touch I covered the packs they came in in scrapbook paper to make them a little more Christmas-y. The boys were so cute drinking their beers... they made sure to leave the antlers on while they were drinking them. I'd love to see the recycling man's face the next morning!



For future-sister-in-law #1, I chose to go with her love of the Gators/ baking theme.
I made this Personalized Cake Carrier inspired by Purdy Personalized with the help of my lovely roomie and her Cricut. It was actually really easy to make... we just cut out circles and letters of various (Gators) colors onto vinyl and stuck them on. I then had to add a ribbon to pull it all together, of course. I got the cake carrier at Wal-Mart.

Also for FSIL1, I made an apron using fabric found at Michael's (YES! Michael's now sells 1- and 2- yard rolls of fabric!).  I used my basic pattern that I used to make this apron in 2011 and this one in 2012 in order to make this Cute and Colorful Apron. It didn't turn out as well as the others, but I love the colors!

Finally, SIL#1 and her boyfriend are living in different states right now, so it was a perfect time to make the
Near and Far Mugs
that I made last year for my friend in England (see that post here).

For future-sister-in-law #2, I went with a golf theme since she has been picking up golf.
I had a really hard time finding personalized golf gifts out there, but I did find this monogram-embroidered golf towel from Tina's Pumpkin Patch on Etsy. She was great!

I also made these Hand-Painted Animal Print Golf Balls inspired by pinterest. I recently reopened my etsy shop and put these in there if you would like a set!

Future mother-in-law is a great cook, so I made her these
Dip Mix Ornaments 
from bubblynaturecreations. I really liked the idea of putting usable things in these clear ornaments and the recipes sounded delicious :) I included Fiesta mix, Italian dip mix, dill dip mix, and bacon dip mix.

I also made her an
Etched Casserole Dish Set
with the help of lovely roommate and her cricut :)


I went with a grill theme for future-father-in-law.

I made these
Homemade Grill Rubs
from a post on  I put them in clear containers so  you could see the pretty layers :)

I also made these 
Appliqued Grill Towels
inspired by SillyPearl.
And included a Florida Gators Spatula.


Finally, the gift I made for the fiance was a 
Gator Ladder Golf Set
because he'd been asking for ladder golf forever.
To make this, I followed the pattern on justbuildstuff and painted it with Krylon Fusion for Plastic. I was going to make the Bola balls too, but found them for sale at Wal-Mart and found that option far more appealing. It was really easy, and we had a blast playing it over the break!
I gave it to him in a mini golf bag, and I left it unglued so we could store it easily.

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