Tuesday, December 24, 2013

PreK Week 18: Winter Wonderland

On week 18, which was our second-to-last week before winter break, we focused on a 'Winter Wonderland' theme complete with learning all about snow.

Now this is a hard concept to teach young kids in Florida, because it's very likely that the majority of them have never seen snow, or don't remember it.

We started by reading a whole lot of books about winter and snow, and talked about how in the season of winter it begins getting cold, and in some parts of the country it gets so cold that it snows. I also showed them a video of a class on a field trip in a blizzard, which was fun for them to watch.

We then made our very own Easy Homemade Snow from GrowingAJeweledRose.  All this involved was some shaving cream and some baking soda, and the kids loved making a mess and playing around!

We also talked about activities that you can do in the snow, such as go sledding, have a snowball fight, make snow angels, and build igloos.

The kids then got to build their very own igloos out of sugar cubes.  This was from "Creative Crafts for Clever Kids".

On Wednesday, we talked all about penguins and how many penguins live in the snow. We read a few books about penguins, and I tried to show them SeaWorld's Live Penguin Feed, but it didn't work on my iPad.

We did two penguin crafts, including this footprint penguin from MeetTheDubiens...

... and this freaking adorable Feed the Penguin Game from LittleFamilyFun.  This game was my favorite because it was not only relevant to what we were learning, but the kids had a blast making it, it helped them understand that penguins eat fish, they got to take it home to play again and again, and you can adapt the fish that you feed the penguin with any skill. 

 For my kids, I kept it to basic colors, but I made a whole set of colored fish that I laminated for my game... they included letters, numbers, and shapes. 

This was a fun game to play with all the kids.  To play the game, all I did was go around in our small group and say 'Feed the penguin the letter B' (example). If there were too many fish to choose from or a student needed help, I could add the color in there, such as 'Feed the penguin the blue B'.  

This project took a lot of work before-hand... I cut the paper to size, cut the holes out of the box, cut out the fish, and cut out all the little pieces so all the students had to do was glue and tape it together.

On Thursday we talked about polar bears and made these Polar Bear Masks from TheCraftyCrow.

Finally, on Friday they talked about Snowmen, read and watched 'Frosty the Snowman', and painted these adorable Puffy Snow Painted Snowmen from SleepyHeadsDesignsStudio.

For parent presents, I bought these clear ornaments from Michaels and painted the kids' handprints plus name & date on them.

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