Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pre-K Week 14: Neighborhood and Community Workers

On the fourteenth week, we discussed neighborhoods, community workers, and houses... It was a very busy week!

On Monday we talked about homes, how homes are all different, and how everyone needs a home. 

We made Paper Bag Homes (from http://www.thecraftycrow.net/2012/09/paper-bag-houses.html) and used it as a chance to discuss what our houses look like, such 
How many doors and windows it has, if it is big or small, if it is one or two stories, and if it has a pool.

The next day we were able to put all the houses together to make a neighborhood... This was a great hands-
on learning activity!

We also invited the kids to draw a house for a letter person, which was an activity that allowed them to be imaginative and creative.

The next day we talked about neighborhoods, and some things you might find in your neighborhood such as a post
Office, a grocery store, a library, etc.

We played neighborhood bingo (from and made these freakin adorable paper cities (from http://madebyjoel.com/paper-city). You should check out the 
Different paper cities on the site... I might do the Paris one for myself!

For these we had the kids color the cities and the people, then we cut them out and put them together. It was once 
again way too much adult work, but the kids liked playing with them afterwards.

For the rest of the week, we talked about people who work in your neighborhood, or community workers. 
I shared a few Sesame Street videos of the song, Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood, including one with Ben Stiller singing that a cheese 
is a person in your neighborhood. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_yohVlVbEA)

We made Paper Plate People based on what each student said they wanted to be when they grew up. They turned out really cute!

We read a whole lot of books, including Houses and Homes, Busy City, Yoyo Goes Next Door, Little Monster's Neighborhood, Let's Discover the City, Safety Heroes, Police, and What Will I Be from. To Z?

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