Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pre-K Week 12: Halloween

During week 12 we focused on Halloween (Thursday was Halloween), including creepy-crawlies and friendly ghosts and witches.

We made a few different little crafts during the week, and put them all together on a mobile that we hung from the ceiling.

First we made these Pipe Cleaner Spiders from HomemadebyJill, which were really easy to make and all the kids could do it with only a little help, which made it much easier for me. The kids who really understood how to do it even made a few extras to take home.

We also made these Tissue Paper Ghosts, which involved balling up a piece of paper, covering it with a piece of white tissue paper, securing it with a pipe cleaner, and drawing a face. Sounds simple enough? Nope. This was one of those projects which I had to have a huge hand in, making it very stressful with all 10 kids!

This is what the halloween mobile looked like with the spider and 4 ghosts:

And all of them hanging in the room:

We also made these Paper Strip Pumpkins from AllKidsNetwork.  Again, the kids couldn't really do any of this by themselves, so I was running around like a crazy person trying to help them all. 

And an easy craft was these Handprint Ghosts from TheCraftingChicks. The kids just stuck their hands in white paint, put them on the paper, then covered them in glitter and later added eyes and a mouth. This week we just happened to be working on the letter B, so they practiced writing the word 'BOO'.

The final craft we did this week was these Paper Bag Witch Puppets from DLTK. Again, another craft that involved a lot of adult interaction. The kids pretty much colored the pieces, and glued them on, but we had to cut out all the little pieces. The website includes the templates.

For snack on Thursday, I made these pretzel/marshmallow eyeballs...

And the kids tried some canned pumpkin. It was amusing watching them attempt to like it!

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