Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pre-K Week 10: Zoo Animals

Week 10's theme was all about zoo animals, and it went along with the Letter People curriculum letter Z. Unfortunately, we couldn't do a zoo field trip, but it was fun learning about all the animals that live there.

The first craft we did was a Gorilla paper craft after reading the book 'Goodnight, Zoo'. This was inspired by the monkey craft from, but we did it in gorilla colors. I think it would
have been really cool to connect the arms and legs with brads so they move... Maybe next year.

We also did this Goodnight Zoo Tot Pack from
It went along with the book really well.

The next day, we read a book called 'Tiger and Leopard' and discussed the different patterns on animals, such as
tigers having stripes and leopards having spots. The kids then made this Tiger/Leopard craft by painting a large cat
orange, then choosing to make it into a tiger by adding felt stripes, or a leopard by adding felt spots.

The other books we read that day were 'All About Tigers' and 'Put Me in the Zoo'.

The next day we focused on elephants, and we read the books 'Stand Back Said the Elephant, I'm Going to Sneeze', 
And 'The Trouble with Elephants'.

We also made these elephants with a 6-foot long trunk from
It was a great way to get the kids to measure and count to 6!

Finally on Friday we made Zebra Z's from

Some other books we read this week included:
Edward the Emu (my favorite!)
There's a Zoo in Room 22
Mickey and Minnie's Zoo Adventure
At the Zoo
Who's Who at the Zoo?

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