Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wedding hair, Disney zombie costumes, READ letters, fall decorations, props, and more recipes

We went to a wedding a few weeks ago, and I just happened to have the whole day free to try a new hairstyle!  I looked through and really liked the braid bun from rosannetangrs.  To do this braid, you do you side braid all the way around your head, then roll it into a bun.  As usual, I liked the fishbun braid as opposed to the regular one, so I did that. When I got to the bun part, I could not for the life of me get it to roll right. I'm not sure if my hair is too thick or long or something, but it just would not stay!  Finally, I got it to look similar with a whole lotta bobby pins.



That same weekend, we went on a Zombie Casino Cruise with a group, and all went as Zombie Disney Princesses and Princes!  For my costume, I just used a Cinderella costume I already  had from my stash of Disney Princess Halloween costumes (yes, I realize I have a problem) and added blooded tights and an overshirt.  But, I made Logan's Prince Charming zombie costume from scratch!

Look how proud he is!

To do this costume, I bought some red sweatpants from Wal-Mart and took out the elastic (otherwise known as a rubber band) from the bottom.  I then added a strip of gold fabric from a leftover bathrobe I used for another project. For the shirt, I found a yellow dress shirt at goodwill and added the gold fabric to the collar and shoulders. I also braided a gold sash and attached it to the shoulder. Finally, I added one of my gold belts for a perfect costume.

Here we are with the makeup!

And the whole group :)

READ letters for the reading center - While going through my old books at the beginning of this year, I found quite a few duplicates that were old and worn. What better thing to do with them than use them for crafts?!

I decided to make this READ sign for the reading center in my classroom. 

I used illustrations from Clifford and Cat in the Hat books.  I bought paper mache letters from Hobby Lobby (YES ONE OPENED IN MY TOWN) and painted them chevron-style. Of course, I had to add glitter. 

Alright, I'm hurrying on this post, I'm sorry.

In October, we went to New York City for the weekend and got to see REAL, GORGEOUS fall leaves. Of course, I had to collect them all and bring them back to Florida, but didn't know what to do with them after.

Finally, I decided to try out mod-podge. I covered both sides with the stuff, and it turned out great! They keep the color in and are much less fragile.

I then put all the leaves in a candle bowl, and that was the whole of our fall decorations.

The other night I went on a cooking binge, and I made:

Recipe #150: Sausage Balls from theplainchicken - This is my new favorite food. The secret ingredient is the cream cheese, and they ARE SO FREAKING GOOD. My new year's resolution is to eat these once a week :-0

The next day, I made a crock pot recipe during the day while I was at work -

Recipe #151: Crock Pot Coconut Chicken Curry from inspired-housewife - this curry was easy (it used frozen chicken) and SO delicious... everyone loved it! New favorite in the house!

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