Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pre-K Week 8: Farm

I'm sorry if this post seems odd... I'm posting from the blogger app on my iPad as opposed to my laptop. Just getting some updates done over Football, I mean Thanksgiving weekend. Is it over yet? 

Week 8 of our school year was one where we learned about farm animals. The learning goal was that the students would be able to name at least 5 animals that live on a farm, and they would be considered above mastery if they could tell a detail about that animal, such as what they looked like, their produce, or their sound.

I must have 100 farm animal books, plus there's lots of fun songs and activities that are basic for preschoolers, so everyone had a lot of fun with this. Next year ill hopefully have more time to plan a field trip to the local farm, or maybe tag on to the kindergarten one.

We sang songs like 'Old MacDonald had a Farm'.

Here are the animal crafts we did this week:

*****Pig Recyclable Craft from the Letter People Curriculum****
These pigs were SO cute, one if my favorite projects all year, but I've found the cutest crafts always take much more effort on my part. 
For this craft, I had to collect recyclables from families first. I was looking for round/ cylinder cardboard containers, like salt or oatmeal containers. I ended up getting one container in, and have three on hand. That means I was short 4 containers. I ended up using one aluminum can, one water bottle, one conditioner bottle, and one styrofoam cup.
I cut the tops of the bottles to keep the cylinder shapes, and covered the containers in white paper to make them paintable. 
I then added a nose to the end out of paper, just a little fat cylinder.
Feet were made from wine corks and just glued on. Everything was put together with hot glue.

Now they were ready for the kids to finish up.

First they painted the whole pig pink, including the wine cork feet. I didn't have any pink paint, so this was a great opportunity to teach about mixing red and white to make pink.

When the paint was dry, I had the kids curl up a pipe cleaner to make a curly tail, and I hot-glued it into the open back-end of the container. They also glued on googly eyes and drew a nose and mouth.

I had each student name their pig since they were so darn cute and we worked so hard on them. This was actually really impressive... I only got one student who named their pig 'Pig', as was my childhood move. The names they came up with included Legs, Tails, Beautiful Lady, Ote, and Oink.

Finally, I took a picture of each student holding their pig, then photoshopped a farmer hat on their head. I created a certificate for each student saying 'Farmer _________ adopted _________ the pig on (date)'. We had them hanging on our farm bulletin board, and the kids loved seeing their pictures and saying 'That's me!' With only a little confusion as to when they had a picture in a farmers hat.

Another farm animal craft we did was:
******Paper Plate Cows from learncreatelove (
These plates also turned out really cute, the students painted on the spots with q-tips and glued on the features. It was much easier than the pig, and it gave the students a hands-on opportunity to lean that 
cows are black and white and have spots.

Our last farm animal craft was:
*******Cotton Ball Sheep from the Letter People Curriculum
These sheep were the most simple project of all. I prepared the craft by cutting out sheep shapes in card stock. 
The students glued on cotton balls, and it was a great opportunity to discuss how sheep have wool and the wool
helps make some of our clothes.

Here is our farm bulletin board!!!

Ps. Sorry about the amusing way of covering the kids faces... I don't have my regular software on here!

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