Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fall Recipe Update

So I'm ready to update the blog, and I go through my photos. That's when I realize I haven't really updated anything personal (non-Prek theme related) since school started! I'd go on about school and work and blah blah blah... but instead I'll spare you and just get to it.

Recipe #140 - Braided Spaghetti Bread from Rhodesbread
This carb-load of a meal was absolutely amazing. Just imagine... garlic bread... STUFFED with delicious spaghetti, sauce, and cheese.

Seriously, we were all obsessed with this meal.

Fiance just glanced over my shoulder and saw the picture... his exact words: "Oh man... we need to make that again. Spaghetti bread is the bomb!" (or was it 'da bomb'?)

Even Lily was begging for some!

Recipe #141 - Melt-in-your-mouth Pumpkin Cookies with FROSTING from parentpretty:

These cookies were yum yum yum! The cookie itself didn't have too much sweetness, but the frosting on top made it perfect! I took them out of the oven before they got too hard, but after putting them in my sweet container (glass plate with glass cover) they softened too much so we practically had to eat them with a spoon. 
Can anyone explain this?
Anyways, a perfect pumpkin cookie :)

Recipe #142 - Mediterranean Crescent Pinwheels from Pillsbury - Reading the reviews on these pinwheels, I saw a lot of people saying they were WAY too salty.  I used regular ham instead of prosciutto, and it didn't seem too salty. I have to say, I didn't LOVE them, they just sat in the fridge til they went bad.

Recipe #143 - Crab and Artichoke Dip from fortheloveofcooking - I made this for a girl's night, and was still blending it when people arrived. Suddenly, I faced the challenge of baking and following a recipe while talking... while doesn't usually work out so well. I thought I had managed to do everything right as I was telling everyone how I can't bake a talk, but when it came out of the oven it seemed as if something wasn't right. It just wasn't thick enough. We started eating it anyways, and it wasn't until an hour later when I was picking up the kitchen that I saw the cream cheese still sitting on the counter. Oops! 
I just added the cream cheese in and threw it back in the oven, but I don't think it was the same as it could have been.

Recipe #144 - Dirt Cake Cupcakes from insidebrucrewlife

No, your eyes do not deceive you. These are dirt cake CUPCAKES. The whole pudding-oreo-chocolate-worm deal, in a cupcake form.
And they were... AMAZING. 
I love dirt cake.
I love pudding.
I especially love the little worms.
Although a little messy and difficult to get the pudding in the cupcake, it doesn't matter.
Just put them in my mouth. 

Recipe #145 - Pretzel Eyeballs from cookingclassessandiegoca - I made these eyeballs as a fun treat for my students on Halloween, as well as to go in a Halloween gift for a secret pal. The link is broken, so I had to just kind of guess.  I'm not sure what they used for the white of the eyeballs (I didn't see any large white chocolate chips) so I used marshmallows.  I baked them in the oven for a few minutes (the first batch I forgot about and the marshmallows browned) and stuck in the chocolate chips. I tried adding red sprinkles to make them look bloodshot, but they didn't stick.
I would say these are very cute and delicious and the kids loved the, but they were VERY time consuming (setting up every little pretzel, carefully adding every marshmallow, and every chocolate chip).

Recipe #146 - Peanut Butter Football Dip from crazyforcrust - So we went to a football game two weeks ago and did the whole tailgating shebang. As much as I despise the football obsession, I do enjoy using it as an opportunity to make food!  I decided to make peanut butter football dip, because we all love peanut butter, and it is so freaking cute.

This was just a blend of peanut butter, cream cheese, whipped topping, sugar, etc. It's molded into a football shape and covered in brown sprinkles.  I used white chocolate chips for the lacing.

Oh, and it's delicious with pretzels!

Recipe #147 - Tiramisu from whatscookingwithruthie
My roomate's birthday was last week, and I wanted to do something to make the Monday a little more exciting! I texted her boyfriend to ask what her favorite dessert was, and he replied 'tiramisu'

Challenge... accepted.

Alright, glance over recipe. No big deal. Go to store. Gather ingredients.

Wait... what is marscarpone cheese? (This is the point where I stand in the middle of the grocery store googling where to find something instead of asking an associate)
According to my search, marscarpone isn't found in all stores, is quite expensive, and can be substituted for a simple mix of cream cheese, sour cream, and heavy whipping cream (see that recipe here).
Ok, crisis averted. On to the next ingredients. Eggs, check. Sugar, check. Coffee, check. Coffee liquor, check. Ladyfingers...

Ladyfingers... I can picture them in my head. They're long cookie-like things. They must be in the cookie aisle, right?
Wrong. 5 minutes gone walking up and down the cookie aisle.
Maybe they're crackers?
I give up. Googling substitution for ladyfingers...
Angel food cake!
I know where to find that... the bakery! Off to the bakery I go and I see the angel food cake... right next to the ladyfingers.
I still opt for the angel food cake because the ladyfingers are about twice the price for the amount I need.

Ok, so the hard part is over. Now I get to bake it. While I'm dipping the angel food, I start thinking about how I don't know what I'm doing and I'm giving this to a friend.


Well, it turned out okay. The substitute for the cheese was actually sweeter than the real thing, and the angel food cake was less dense than ladyfingers, so it was a little liquidy.

It grew on me, and the roommate was nice about it (It helped that she brought home a container of tiramisu that her mom had made her the night before).    TIRAMISU ALL DAY!

Recipe #148 - Afternoon Tea courtesy of Publix ;)
Another fun birthday surprise! I cheated a little... I was going to make all the scones and attempted to make clotted cream (fail), but I ended up using the lovely resources at Publix to help me out. I put everything together though!

Included in our spread was little tea sandwiches (tuna salad and cucumber/cream cheese), crackers with brie cheese, cinnamon and blueberry scones with creme fraiche (the American version of clotted cream!) and jam (ok, it was grape jelly). There were also little bite-sized cakes and delicious teas! 

Recipe #149 - Spinach Artichoke Pasta from alifeofflavor
I made this dish tonight for dinner. It was SO good (I might have had to lick the spoon clean when I was only on the garlic cream cheese part), but I don't think I cut the artichokes small enough. Once it cools down it doesn't look too good, so it would have to be a served-right-away and eaten soon with no leftovers meal. 

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