Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Baby shower gifts - Gator Baby Football blanket and diaper baby

One of my good friends from high school is having a baby early next year, and that means baby shower... which means... BABY SHOWER GIFTS!  For her, I made a baby football blanket with a gator backing, as well as a diaper baby.

Let me tell you about them...

Baby Football Blanket with Gator Backing inspired by missmontanas on etsy

This football blanket was simple, but the fabric was a little pricey. All I did was get 2 yards of gator fabric and 2 yards of brown fuzzy dotty fabric. I cut them both into football shapes, added batting to the middle, and sewed them together (pillow-case style). And I added white ribbon for the lacing.

I would have added baby's name, but he doesn't have one yet!

Diaper Baby inspired by picture on pinterest

This baby was made after seeing the cutest picture on pinterest (sorry, it just links to google). I bought a onesie and diapers, and the girls spent an afternoon shaping diapers to look like a baby while the boys watched football. I stuck some booties on the feet, a beanie on the head, and a pacifier in the mouth.

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