Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pre-K Week 4: Apples

Week 4 was an apple theme, with the Letter Person A who's theme is feelings.  This was only a 3-day week, and I was sick for one of the days, so we didn't do too much this week.

One of the activities was an apple roll and pick game from tpt.  It was a really cute activity where students roll a die and pick that number of 'apples' (pom poms) from a tree.  I  didn't get a picture of this activity, but it was really great.

The students also made Stained Glass Apples from thefirstgradeparade.  To do this, the students glued pre-cut pieces of red, green, and yellow tissue paper on a piece of wax paper, then glued on an apple cut-out on top.  The adults then cut out the rest of the tissue paper and added string.  This was a good activity to recall the different colors of apples (which is why there were different colors of tissue paper).

We tested different kinds of apples and made a graph on the iPad of which apple each student liked best.

Finally, we made crock pot applesauce from morethanmundane, which the students LOVED making and loved eating, too! Before making the applesauce, I had the students predict what was going to go into the pot, and what we needed to do to turn it from the ingredients into actual applesauce.  I was very surprised at some of the answers... one student knew that we needed to add sugar to the applesauce, and even suggested that we add pinapples to make it yummy.  We also used this process as a lesson to talk about liquids (we used apple juice as our liquid in the applesauce) and heat/ the danger of heat.

Everyone tried it! I would call that a success!!

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