Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pre-K Week 3: Weather

This summer, I decided to plan out my school year in advance to make everything easier and run more smoothly throughout the year.  Because I'm special education and don't really have my own team to plan with, I'm left to do things on my own and sometimes miss opportunities because I'm not aware of them ("wait... why is everyone in the school doing apples this week?"    "What am I doing for Dr. Seuss' birthday you ask? When is it?").  I spent hours and hours this summer planning a theme for each week based on holidays, birthdays, etc.  When I got in my classroom and learned about the letter people curriculum, I had to make a few changes, but many of the letter themes corresponded to my themes, so it all worked out.

My first two weeks were an introduction to the alphabet (including Chicka Chicka Boom Boom)/welcome to school, and fairy tales the second week.  I didn't take many pictures of my projects or activities these weeks.

Week 3's theme was weather.  I did this early because I wanted to incorporate the weather into our daily circle time.  The letter person that went with this week was Ms. W, and her theme was also weather.

These are the projects we did this week:

Cotton ball clouds with raindrops inspired by a picture on tumbler (no longer linked).  In advance, I cut out the clouds, raindrops, and pieces of yarn. The students glued on the cotton balls and practiced taping by taping the raindrops on the bottom and the yarn on the back of the cloud.
Wind Sock from Preschool Learning and Crafts: This was a great project to show the students the wind, when it is not easy to teach.  We made them then took them out on the playground to watch the wind blow them. It was also a great word to practice the letter w.                      In advance, I cut out the construction paper, pieces of tissue paper, and pieces of string.  I also wrote the word 'windy' on each piece of construction paper, changing the level based on the student (some students could trace the letter w, some students could trace all the letters, and some students couldn't trace any letters).  The students decorated their construction paper and were encouraged to illustrate the different kinds of weather we had learned about. They were also encouraged to practice the letter 'w'.  They then glued the pieces of tissue paper on the bottom and helped glue the construction paper into a tube.  The adults then punched holes and added the string.

Rainy day thumbprint project from the Letter People curriculum. - This project was cute and easy, and was great for a side table during rotations.  In advance, I had the papers ready with the umbrella pieces and the word 'rainy' written in highlighter for the students to trace.  At the table, the students glue their umbrellas on their papers, then use a WASHABLE ink pad to dip their finger and put 'rain' all over the page.

 Sunshine Mobile from onecharmingparty - Another mobile (I love mobile crafts... they look great hanging in our room!).  To make this craft, the students were provided with a paper plate with the yellow construction paper strips already stapled on to make the sun rays and the string already hanging.  The students were provided with ripped strips of tissue paper in yellow and orange, and they were encouraged to crinkle the paper (fine motor) and glue it on the plate.

I didn't focus too much on snowy weather since it's not relevant to Florida, but we did mention it and ask who had seen snow.

Every morning, we sing a weather song and look at the weather camera on my iPad (we have no windows in my classroom) to decide the weather. We then choose what the weather bear will wear that day and compare it to what the students are wearing.  Adorbs!

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