Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hand-Painted Children's Rocking Chair

And now I present my proudest achievement of the summer!!!

I saw this children's rocking chair at Goodwill while we were teacher shopping, and I didn't end up buying it. I kept thinking and thinking about it, and went back a few days later, ecstatic to see that it was still there!

It had a little damage where screws were poking through, so I added took it apart a little, cleaned it, and added duct tape to make sure nobody got hurt.
Then I spray-painted it white. This took a whole can of spray paint.

While the chair was getting ready, I made a list of popular children's books and found illustrations from each book that would work with the chair. I then drew out two scenes on pieces of paper - one up in the sky/mountains for the top half of the chair and one down on the ground for the bottom half of the chair.
The illustrations I included were the grinch on top of Mount Crumpit, the little man from 'Oh the Places You'll Go!' flying in a balloon in front of the mountain, the characters from 'Green Eggs and Ham' hanging out in a tree (with ham and a fox in the box), the tree from 'Chicka Chicka Boom Boom', and Curious George flying from a kite in the sky.  On the bottom, I included the Lorax, the Giving Tree and the little boy from 'The Giving Tree', Thing 1 and Thing 2 hiding behind the giving tree, David from 'No, David!' hanging from the tree, Pete the Cat and the Cat in the Hat hanging out at the bottom, the Hungry Caterpillar crawling along the ground, and Clifford poking his head in.

After I planned it all out, I drew it onto the chair in highlighter first, then in black paint pen.  This took quite awhile, and I worked on the chair all weekend while I had the house and the TV to myself.

Once I drew all the characters, I painted them in using acrylic paint.

And then, since the black lines were now covered in paint, I went over them in black paint pen again.

Finally, I painted the legs and arms and added the word 'Read' to the top.

My students really love the chair, and we use it at the front of the classroom next to my circle time rocking chair for special presenters.

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