Wednesday, July 3, 2013

School Crafts: ___ Day of School Frame and Dancing Ribbons

I've been working on a few projects for my new Pre-K classroom this year, and here's what I've made so far:

___ Day of School Frame from FirstGradeSchoolBox:
This was a fun project to make, especially because I got to paint!  To make this, I just found a large frame at Goodwill and spray-painted it blue.  I bought the wooden letters and decorations at Michael's and painted them as well.  I glued them all on the frame with hot glue.

I then printed off the words '1st' '100th' and 'Last' and laminated them. That way I can change out the number of day on the big star throughout the year (using velcro).

I can't wait to take first day of school pictures with the frame!

Get up and Dance Ribbons from Strings, Keys, and Melodies.

This was a super fun, fast, cheap, and easy project that I have a feeling will be a hit in my classroom.  These ribbons are made for the children to hold and dance around with. They are made with shower curtain rings from the dollar store and tulle (which I had lots of left over from previous projects). I just cut long strands of tulle, folded them in half and secured them on the ring. I put 2 of different colors on each ring. I love the tulle because it gives a floating feeling in the air when you dance with it.

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