Wednesday, July 3, 2013

More Braids (Yes, It's possible)!

Just when you think I've exhausted the number of braids I can include in my hairstyles, I [and pinterest] will prove you wrong!

This braid is a Bohemian Rope Twist from Locks and Locks of Hairstyles. It's a braid made by just twists and it's really cool! I had to do it wet for it to work, but it still didn't stay very well. It looks awesome thought.


This one is a side braid and ribbon from jointhemood

To do this, you just do a side braid then add it into a pony tail and cover with a ribbon.

The Fishtail Wraparound Pony: I'm not sure where I got this idea. I think I was just browsing hairstyles and meshed a few together to create it.  I've always done the wraparound pony where you do a ponytail and take a small section, wrap it around the elastic, and pin. It looks cute and professional.  This time, I decided I would fishtail braid that small section of hair and then wrap it.

I'll definitely have to play around with this more before I get it right... I think I need a smaller braid. But I love the idea!

Finally, there's the Rainbow Fish Braid from babble.  This is one of my new absolute favorite hairstyles, and it actually worked! You just take some yarn of a color you want to add to your hair (I used pink of course) and tie it into your roots.  Here, I only used three pieces of yarn and tied it halfway down the yarn to double it over.  Now that I've done it once and it worked, I would definitely use more pieces next time.

Then you do the regular fishtail braid, including the pink in the braid.

That's it for now. One day I will do a hairstyle that doesn't include a braid... maybe.

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