Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Flower Girl Gift

Once upon a time, almost 5 years ago, a baby was born into this world.
I still remember my friend Rachel and I sitting on the stairs of the house, eating Oreos, babysitting her older brothers and looking intensely out the window for her parents to bring her home.
Welcome, Emmie!

Throughout the years, I was so lucky to see Emmie learn... 
Learn to laugh...
Learn to crawl...

Learn to walk and talk and blossom into a fiery young girl.

Babysitting Emmie every single week for years let me experience dirty diapers, waking up at all hours of the night for feeding, bath and hair battles, potty training, and the love of a sweet child.

I remember the time when Logan agreed whole-heartedly with me and I knew Emmie would be our flower girl.  Driving through the neighborhood, I saw Emmie standing in her driveway so I stopped to say hi.  I got my usual running hug and a big smile. Then Logan got out of the car. Emmie turned to him after not seeing him for months, ran and jumped into his arms, and said WOOOOOOOOOGAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!! When we were pulling away, I yelled one last goodbye, and Emmie said "Bye Wogan!"
He finally believed all of the times I had told him about her asking where he was, asking why I didn't bring him to babysit with me, and saying "Say hi to Wogan!"
I practically saw Logan's heart melt.

So, the time came when we made the easiest decision of our whole wedding - for Emmie to be our flower girl. It was a given.  She was our 'practice child' as her mom said.  So we took her to Disney...

and I presented her with a box covered in pictures with a blinking ring and this shirt inside...

Kelly helped me make the shirt.  She had offered her Cricut many times before, but I never wanted to try it in case I could never live without it.  It wasn't until she sat watching me cut out each individual letter from a piece of freezer paper that I broke down and agreed to use this magical machine. All I did here was cut out the letters on freezer paper and use the rest of the paper as a template.  I ironed the paper onto the shirt, painted with fabric paint, let it dry, and peeled the freezer paper off.  Ta-da!

On the inside of the lid, I put this poem: "When I was just a little girl, about the size of you, I dreamed one day I'd fall in love and then get married, too.  So now that I am all grown up, about to be a bride, I want you for my flower girl to be right by my side.  For it is common knowledge that a wedding's not complete without a pretty flower girl like you, who's dear and sweet.  Will you be our flower girl?"

I couldn't have imagined a more satisfying reaction when I gave this to her.  She was so excited! She called it her wedding box and all she could talk about was how when she's six years old she's going to be in our wedding and she's going to wear a rainbow dress with flowers all over it because she's the flower girl and now she's four but she's almost five and then she'll be six and IT'S JUST SO CLOSE!!! When I dropped her off at home, she asked me to help her put the shirt on in her room so that she could "prize" her mom.  She strutted out in the shirt like a little diva, showing it off like it was the proudest moment of her life.

My goodness, what a girl.

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