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This is a post about the other things I have done over the past few months that didn't fit into their own category. You know... 'etc...'   I'm excited to get caught up because of all the exciting things I have done this past week!!

I'll start with some Christmas gifts that I had forgotten to mention in my Christmas Gifts Post.  They were my secret Santa gifts for a coworker at school.

'Spot of Tea' card from spoonful:
My secret Santa recipient filled out a questionnaire that noted she enjoyed exotic teas. For one of her small gifts, I chose this 'Spot of Tea' card.  To make this, I drew a tea cup on a piece of scrapbook paper and cut out two pieces. I glued the pieces together and added a tag.  Inside the tea cup, I added a few herbal tea flavors for her to enjoy.  

School Pride Rag Wreath:
I have made many of these rag wreaths before, such as this Gator Rag Wreath for my brother. I decided that for a bigger gift at the end of the week, my secret Santa recipient could receive a little school pride in the form of her own school wreath. To make this, I used scraps of fabric from shirts that were the same color as our school's color (red and navy), plumbing piping from Home Depot for the skeleton of the wreath, wooden letters from Michael's, chopsticks as support for the letters, and red ribbon.  Oh, and lots and lots of hot glue.

Wedding Wreath - This is another wedding wreath I made for an Elementary School's friend's bridal shower.  Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to the bridal shower because I was in Europe, but I made sure my mom sent this on its way.  I had made a similar wreath for my friend Tiffany's bridal shower last year, but this one is a little more personalized. To make this, I used that same plumbing piping from Home Depot, along with a lot of white yarn, black yarn, blue and orange scrap fabric for the flowers (they are both Gators), wooden game pieces from Michael's for the people, wooden letters from Michael's, a wooden dog from Michael's, and adorable 3D stickers (Jolee's?) that went with their personalities for extra decoration. 

Tissue Paper Flower from Michael Ann Made- This is just a cute little flower made out of tissue paper that is perfect for the top of a gift.  This is a birthday gift for my friend Meredith (it was a handmade wedding book) that the flower was perfect on top of!

Ring Holder from Saucy Pants
I made this ring holder for my brother's fiance, my future sister-in-law, for Christmas this year.  I figured it was perfect because I remember seeing her ring sitting on the sink in their bathroom when we were visiting them in Boston in October.  Unfortunately, my brother also saw it and a conversation ensued in which he asked her  not to put that ring so close to the drain and she explained that she had to take it off to put hair product in. In the end, I made her this ring holder:

Soon after Christmas, I was engaged.  Although I haven't taken my ring off that often thus far, I do usually take it off when I'm baking and need to get my hands involved.  When I did take it off, I would always yell, "Rings on the counter, Not my fault if they get lost!!!". Logan and Kelly would always laugh and say it would still be my fault. It was all fun and games until Logan cleaned up the kitchen one day and moved my rings to a placemat on the kitchen table - one that made my rings blend in nicely.  A 5-minute heart attack later, I had decided to make myself a little gift.

I found these mini frames at Michael's in the bargain bin for a dollar each.  To make these, I took out the back of the frame, cut a piece of cork board to fit, and hot glued it all together.  I then added a push pin (I was too lazy to dig for mini nails) and glued a gem to the end.  Now, I have one by the sink, one in the bathroom, and one tucked away for whenever I may need to use it or gift it next.

Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Magnet from Etsy - This project has been sitting on my 'To Do ASAP' board on pinterest for about a year. I've had the supplies, I've had the time, I just haven't gotten around to it.  Finally, I sat down and made it in about 5 minutes, and it has already been used many times!  To make this magnet, I found a scrabble game at goodwill.  I found the letters I needed and hot-glued them in the pattern shown to the back of a piece of cardboard. I then cut the cardboard down and glued a magnet to the back.  Now, when the dishes are dirty, it says dirty, but when we run the dishes we turn the magnet back around to clean.

Storybook Roses from pinterest - I loved the look of these storybook roses on pinterest and they looked easy enough to make.  They did take a lot of time, but they were pretty easy to make. Unfortunately, the directions aren't too specific, detailed, and user-friendly so mine didn't turn out quite as beautiful... but I tried!

Some other crafts/things that I tried but didn't get a picture of:

DIY Fridge Mats from pinterest - I made similar mats for the fridge after Michael's had a crazy scrapbook paper sale and I bought all kinds of thick, plastic scrapbook paper I had no other use for.  This makes our fridge look pretty and will make it easier to clean.

Refill your Swiffer Sweeper from lifehacker - This trick has changed my life! To refill your swiffer sweeper bottle, just boil the lid and twist it off with a towel. You are able to refill it with whatever floor cleaner you have on hand, and put the lid back on. Just like new! My roommate was shocked and slightly impressed when he saw what I had done.

That's all I have for now! I did see a few things that I never took a picture of but wanted to share my own version of, so I'll get those pictures this weekend and share them in the next post. I'm getting closer and closer to getting caught up!!

<3 Amy

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