Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Christmas Gifts... A few months late

Here are some of the Christmas gifts from this year! I didn't go quite as crazy in making every single person I knew something. In fact, I actually BOUGHT my assistants gifts instead of making them, and I also purchased some of the gifts for my family and friends. Not quite as much time on my hands this year.

We'll actually start before Christmas. Our friends got married in the middle of December at a beautiful outdoor ceremony at a nearby country club. For their gift, we put together a basket of a few baking items that weren't already snatched up from their registry, as well as a few home-made personal items.  She's a big baker, so it was all a baking theme.

Mrs. Apron
I started with this apron inspired by myself inspired by etsy.  I changed around the colors to match their wedding colors and used leftover fabric. I also painted her new name: Mrs. Caggiano.

Photo Coasters
I also included these photo coasters. Not sure where the tutorial went that I used to make these, but here is a similar one from thefrugalgirls.  Pretty much all I did was hijack some of their engagement pictures from their facebook, crop them all to a 4" by 4" quare and turned them black and white in photoshop. I then printed them on regular paper and mod-podged them on white tiles from Home Depot and added furniture felt dots to each corner of the bottom of the tile. 

I was a little disappointed in the streakyness that happened when I put the top layer on. It made me wonder if a different type of mod-podge or maybe some laquer would hold it and make it look pretty? I'd have to experiment with this...

Near and Far Mugs

Next I made these near and far mugs for my friend in England, found here.  To make these, I just bought two white latte mugs from Target (they were like $2 each) and an acrylic pen from Michaels. The tutorial says to use peebo pens, but they didn't have that exact brand at Michaels so I just had someone point me in the right direction.  Everything else I just freehanded by drawing first in a thin tip sharpie so that I could rub off any mistakes, then going over in pen.  I made the mugs so that the lines connected when the mugs were put together, but the line also went around to the other side of the same mug and connected to the opposite place (each mug had Florida on one side and England on the other).  I also made sure to follow the directions on the pen so that they were dishwasher safe.  After a few months of using mine a good amount, I do see some fading of the pen in some places but it is still cute.

Knitted Mandrake

Also for Edie, I made this knitted mandrake as a tribute to her Harry Potter love. The tutorial for this mandrake can be purchased from ravelry here. I don't consider myself to be an expert knitter, but this project turned out really cute and one of my favorite projects!  It did take quite awhile, but it was worth it. For the facial features I just used black fabric paint.  Because we were travelling London and Paris before we made it to see Edie this winter, I didn't end up packing the little pot that I took pictures of it in... I just used the mug (above) as the pot.

University of Florida (UF) Tshirt Quilt

For my brother, I made this Gators tshirt quilt out of his old tshirts from college.  For the backing, I used a Gator blanket that we had found a few years earlier on clearance and had hoarded since then.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize the front and the back of the blanket were mirror images together and  my sigh of relief to finally be done was soon followed by a growl of frustration when I realized the image was backwards.  I left it, thinking it was hard to notice.  My mom noticed it right away and my brother said he thought it was supposed to be that way.  Oh well.

Glittered Alcohol Bottles

I saw this idea on pinterest from sororitycraft and had made one for my roommate for her birthday in November (see post here).  I definitely have been going through a glitter phase obsession ever since I found the perfect combination of glitter and mod podge.  I went with this gift twice at Christmas...

A gator colored (orange and blue) Southern Comfort with Lime bottle (my brother's favorite) for my brother:

And a blue glittered tequila bottle for my longtime sister's friend's 21st birthday.

Glittered Wine Glasses

I had made a few glittered wine glasses a few months ago just for fun following the tutorial here

Again, this was the go-to craft right around Christmas time, so many of my close family and friends now have some of my designer glasses in their cabinets ;)

For my mom, I made her another 'I teach therefore I drink' glass because she had dropped hers and broke it a few weeks before.  Unfortunately, I could emphasize with her because I too had dropped my beloved 'I teach therefore I drink' wine glasses and was practically in tears when I saw it sitting in pieces in the sink. 

For my dad, I made a gator glass that said "Not now... I'm studying" because he recently started a Master's program in Engineering and UF and seems to be studying in every free second he possibly can. 

For Logan's parents, I made a set of wine glasses... one for each sport team they cheer for (Eagles, Gators, UCF, and Dolphins).

Triathlon Sports Bag
For another gift for my dad, I decided to buy a drawstring sports bag, painting a triathlon saying on it ("Swim, Bike, Run, Repeat") and filled it with triathlon-inspired gear including all 3 of the series of Gatorades, goggles, a running shirt, running socks, and a bike water bottle.

So that's it on Christmas gifts for this year. Stay tuned... much more coming! 

<3 Amy

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