Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Baby Beanie with a Bow, Homemade Pretzels, Vera Bradley Phone Sleeve, Beauty, Cleaning, and more.

This will be my  last post before I'm updated for the time being! Of course, check back again at the end of the week to see what I've been up to with my Pre-Summer Challenge.

I'll start with the craft I am most proud of for the time being.  I'm proud of it as in it took lots of time and turned out semi-acceptable, but I know this will still take lots of practice and I'm hoping to make many and donate them!

Knitted Baby Bow Hat from twentysomethinggrandma -

I'm so thankful that Jenna put this pattern on her blog.  Although I'm still getting the hang of purling (I think I've got it now), this is a very easy hat for beginning knitters and turns out adorable! I love that it's two colors... the possibilities are endless!



This beanie was similar to a few that I've made before, but the bow and the double color made it my favorite!


Vera Bradley Phone Pocket inspired by erinerikson


I didn't follow the tutorial on this site (honestly, I didn't even look at it), but I did use the picture for inspiration to make my own phone pocket.  This is perfect because I just got a new iPhone (my first!) and denied the $200 insurance.  I worry so much about my phone because most of the time it is in the bottom of my purse or school bag.  This pocket allows me to clip it somewhere safe and keeps the screen protected as well.  I made this from an old Vera Bradley bag that Logan was determined for me to get rid of.  I've been hoarding this bag after making a name tag lanyard last year.  This was the perfect time to use it!

To make this, I just cut out two rectangles of the quilted fabric that would fit the size of my phone. I then sewed them together front touching front on three sides (so it was inside-out).  Finally, I flipped it rightside-out and added a small piece of fabric with an keychain attached.


Cook Book Organization from abowlfulloflemons -

This is a quick and cute idea I took opportunity of to get my cookbooks out of a cabinet and all of the junk off the top of the fridge.  Display your cookbooks in a cute basket on top of the fridge!


Ribbon Organization from kreativejewels

I've tried so many ways to store my ribbon, and it's always such a pain! This was a perfect solution.  To do this, I just used large popsicle sticks/tongue depressers, wrapped the ribbon around each one (if I had two of the same ribbon I put them on the same stick), and secured it with a sewing pin.  It took a long time to wrap all that ribbon, but I really do love the way they are stored now! I just used a glass jar/vase I found at goodwill to store them.


New Styles!!

I've tried out a few different new styles in the past couple of weeks... here they are!

Jean shirt:  I got this shirt at Forever 21 and was inspired by one of their mannequins to wear it over my favorite maxi dresses to make them more work-friendly.  It is now one of my favorite staples and is SO comfy!

These are a few hairstyles I tried.  First, I played up my usual fishtail braid by doing it in the back with french twists to hold back my bangs and a bow to finish it up.  Here's the back:

This is a cute idea I got on the internet somewhere, but I can't find where.  To make a fuller, longer-looking pony tail, add a small clip to the middle of the pony, flipping up the upper layer.  This is a perfect way to change up my usual work-pony.


Glass Stovetop Cleaning from behindthestudio

This is an idea I've been meaning to try for some time, and finally got around to it this weekend.  The idea of this stove-cleaning technique is to sprinkle baking soda all over your stove, cover it with a hot, wet towel, and leave it for 30 minutes.  I wasn't greatly impressed by how this turned out and I would much rather use my store-bought stove cleaner.  Here are my pictures of the process:

This is my stove before I started anything:
 With baking soda:
 With the towel:
 After 30 minutes (the paste):
 After: (eh, not too spectacular)


Homemade Pretzels from fifteenspatulas

I was so excited to make these pretzels! They claimed to be as good as the ones from the mall (read: Auntie Ann's) and Logan and I are HUGE fans of Auntie Ann's.  Other than those butter-covered goodness pretzels from Auntie Ann's, I don't really like any other soft pretzels because I find them far too dry.  In my opinion, they were in-between the two; not as good as Auntie Ann's, but not as dry as the ballpark pretzels.  Logan and my two roommates loved them though!  Sorry they aren't as pretty as the pin... they were pretty easy to make though!

That's all for now! I'm collecting my challenge pictures from this week and I'm super excited to share them! 


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