Monday, April 8, 2013

5 Months of Recipes!

Since November, I've tried a few recipes, though not as many as I would hope.  There were a few hits and a few misses.

I apologize, I don't have many pictures. I got out of the habit of taking pictures after making things and just got into the consuming piece.

Recipe 108 - Corn Casserole from Seeded at the Table
I made this recipe for Thanksgiving and everyone loved it so much that I made it again to go with our Christmas.  It's really easy and really delicious!!!

Recipe 109 - Skillet Lasagna from The Kate Chronicles
This turned out to be another really easy recipe that was delicious! Logan was requesting it right away and was disappointed when I reminded him I don't make things twice. Yes, he finds this really irritating but if I didn't make such a rule he would never experience these new delicious things! Again, this was really easy but you have to have the ingredients on hand if you just want to whip it up. Otherwise it takes *shock horror* PLANNING (which I'm horrible at).

Recipe 110 - Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies from Watching What I Eat
I don't remember how easy or not easy these cookies were but I remember them having bananas in them instead of eggs/flour/sugar and they were really really good!!!

Recipe 111 - Overnight Oats from Kath Eats Real Food
Eh - I wasn't a fan of this recipe. It was mushy and thick... I might have added too many oats. I would try again I guess.

Recipe 112 - Peanut Butter Dog Treats from TurtleWoman
I did recipe #2 on this page (because it was the easiest). I made a double batch - One for my lovemuffin of a dog Lily and one as a secret Santa gift for a coworker.  Everyone loved them! I even tried them! Okay... I didn't love them as much as the puppies did but I was pretty confident that they were delicious :)
Speaking of puppies... I'll be happy to spread the cuteness around (I can't hog it all)

Recipe 113 - Chubby Hubby Truffles from Six Sisters' Stuff
Another recipe Logan loves. Until I reminded him about them and told them what they were called. He said "I'm never eating them again!" We'll see about that!  I usually go with the traditional oreo balls, but took a chance on these and they were SO GOOD! I mean... what's not to love about chocolate and peanut butter AND pretzels? Ah!

Recipe 114 - Apple Crunch Salad from Tasty Kitchen
I made this salad for the engagement party. I made a ton. It went really well with the tons of other food, but we had tons left over too. It was really good and I loved it, but I could barely fool myself into thinking it was healthy as I watched the sugary juices flow around that crisp fruit. Still, yummy! Oh, P.S... You have to halve 6 cups of grapes... which took about half an hour. You don't realize how many grapes 6 cups is.

Recipe 115 - Baked Spinach Dip Mini Bread Bowls from Picky Palate
YUM! We are suckers for spinach dip in this house. We MAY have eaten a bunch of the spinach mix before it made it to the bowls. And we MAY have realized what is really in that spinach dip. You know... healthy spinach, right? I made these for the engagement party as well. Unfortunately, I had to make them the night before and re-heat them before the party because we had so  much to do the day of, and they weren't quite as good re-heated. They are also better if they are consumed right away and don't sit out on a food table for an hour. These were godly though.

Recipe 116 - Crock Pot Tortellini Soup from Healthy Snack Recipes
The fact that this is from a page called 'Healthy Snack Recipes' when it contains a block of cream cheese and a bag of tortellini.  But this was delicious!! It kind of chunked up when we refrigerated it and didn't look quite as good reheated, but it still was yummy. We all decided it would be better with some sausage in it.

Recipe 117 - Melt in Your Mouth Lemon Bars from justapinch
I was so excited to try making these lemon bars. I imagined a light, fruity desert that cleansed the palate. A couple sticks of butter couldn't hurt that, right? Well, the lemon topping was glorious and just what I was looking for, but the butter-full crust threw me off. I felt like all I was eating was sticks and sticks of butter. Everyone else loved them, maybe because they didn't know exactly how much butter was in there, but I wasn't a fan.

Recipe 118 - Peanut Butter Cup Pie from Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice
This was a recipe made for Logan on our 4 year anniversary. It was very good...
I made it quickly, and you know what happens when I make things quickly.
I'm average height. Everyone in my household calls me short. I'm average height.
People who are average height often have difficulties when it comes to some cabinets and pantries, such as the one above the microwave.  Then one where we happen to keep the spices and extracts.
So I'm rushing, I'm on my tippie toes, and I'm grabbing the first extract I can feel, assuming it was vanilla.
Well, half a bottle of peppermint extract and 5 paper towels in an attempt to blot this extract out of the batter later, I presented Logan with a Peanut Butter Cup Peppermint pie and waited to see what he said. 'Hmmm... I like the hint of mint'.
I had to tell him the whole story. Well, he still claimed he liked it but it is an ongoing joke now. And I'm down $5 worth of peppermint extract.

Recipe 119 - Veggie Spiral from Recipe by Photo
I was so excited to make this recipe after getting a bunch of slack from Logan about not making enough recipes. It was perfect! It had his onions and his potatoes and some nice fresh veggies thrown in there. HE WOULN'T TOUCH IT! Not even a bite! Something about zucchini and squash being disgusting. Well, after a few days of those caramelized onions sitting in the bottom of the dish in the fridge and me attempting to eat my weight in the dish, I had to throw it out. I loved it when it came out and it wasn't too bad when I re-heated it. Mine wasn't quite as pretty as the picture, though.

Well that's all the recipes I have over the past few months. 11 over 5 months. That's like 2 a month. Boo! We've just become so lazy! We have a nightly routine in our household that goes like this:
4:00pm: get home from work, walk the dog, do the dishes
4:30pm : Friends is on. Watch it for an hour an a half. Pinterest.
5:00pm: Decide that it is an acceptable time to start drinking wine. Sing a song about drinking wine. Talk about retiring. Pinterest.
6:30pm: Friends is over, King of Queens comes on. Everyone grumbles about King of Queens but nobody turns it off. We decided it's better than Cougar Town.
7:00pm: Seinfeld comes on. Everyone starts saying 'I'm hungry!' Pinterest some more.
7:30pm: Somebody orders food.
8:00pm: That somebody's food arrives and everyone else decides it's time to eat. Rummage through the pantry. Rummage through the fridge. Complain how there's no food.
8:30pm: Eat a bowl of cereal, a bag of popcorn, or a bag of microwave veggies. Decide it's time for bed. Discuss how many days are left in the week.

Interesting lives, right?

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