Friday, August 3, 2012

Baked Mac and Cheese and Golf Birthday Cake

*Whew*  Let me stop and take a breath for a minute.

Once again, I have been so busy crafting, baking, and classroom preparing that I haven't done any blogging.

But lately I'm back up to my craft a day, and it is exhausting.  But I have a night to myself so here I am to share!!

I'll start with my few recipes of late.

Baked Macaroni and Cheese with Spinach from Eating Well - This was a delicious meal I made for my parents the night they got home from Boston.  It wasn't too hard, and I had almost all of the ingredients on hand in my house (I needed to go to the store for spinach).  It was really good!!!

It was also Logan's birthday this week, so I got the chance to try out this Golf Birthday Cake from Changing my Destiny.

 It was such a cute idea! Except I don't remember the last time I made a 'normal' cake (I usually go for taste and ingredients, not looks) I knew it would be disappointing to just have a chocolate cake.  So I threw some Reese's cups in there for good measure.  Just as I thought, as soon as I unveiled the cake I spend forever on, I got a 'so it's just chocolate????'
Then again, he might have seen all those candy wrappers in the garbage and been concerned about my eating habits.
So I followed the instructions on this by purchasing the grass tip from Michael's craft store (only $1.50) and refrigerating the icing before use, but my mistake was using plastic baggies.  I don't have any pastry bags (nor do I really know what these are) and every time I squeezed the plastic bag, it would get holes and the green icing would goop all over my hands.  I only handled this for so long before I went hunting for a new, brand name plastic bag.  It was a disaster transferring the mess over, and when I started squeezing the new bag, it was getting holes too!!! Argh. I finally ended up transferring the goo from the old bag inside the new bag to a little cheap icing pump that camp with plastic tips.  I duct taped my grass tip on to the outside of a tip that fit on the pump, and proceeded with the project.  This worked nicely, but the container was very small so I had to keep refilling it.  All of this probably took an hour or so.  To ice a cake.  But I think it's adorable and so perfect.

That's my little rant for the day...  look forward to posts on the best gift I have ever given Logan, the completed raffle prize for my Puzzling Piece fundraiser, and CLASSROOM PROJECTS!!!

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