Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Inside-Out Chicken Wings and Mexican Street Corn

I have been wanting to make these Inside-Out Chicken Wings from Sweet and Savory, and I finally got the chance to last night.  While I was at the grocery store, I browsed through the ad and noticed that corn is at 'the peak of its season!'.  I remembered a recipe for Mexican Street Corn sitting on my pinterest, so I went ahead and grabbed some.

Let's start with the Mexican Street Corn, because that's where we started last night.  I used the foodnetwork recipe but I saw many variations out there.  Oh. My. God.  It was amazing. Like, one of my new favorite foods. Like, I am currently boiling water to make more. And it was so easy! I boiled the corn, which takes 10 minutes. Then you just slab the mixture on and enjoy. And let me tell you, you WILL enjoy.

So anyways, I was enjoying my corn so much last night that I started getting too full for my chicken. Logan cut up a little piece for me, and it was actually really really good! Good thing we have lots of leftovers!!! I don't know if I'm missing something, but it actually wasn't THAT easy to make. The baking part? Piece of cake! But the flattening chicken part? Yeah... maybe I should learn how to do that.
I started by pounding the chicken with my fist.  I decided that wasn't a good idea. I moved on to using the handle of a knife sharpener. It took FOREVER.  Eventually, I moved on to Logan taking care of this part because it was annoying me too much.
I used ranch to fill them because neither of us are a fan of mold, I mean, er, blue cheese.  I also seasoned the chicken with a ranch packet as well as the spices.  Yummy!!!

I did take a picture, but you can't see much.  Sorry, I was too excited to eat my corn to try again.

Ps. Don't forget to check out my new blog,! I did my project of the day first thing this morning, inspired by my puppy!

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