Thursday, May 10, 2012


So it begins...

Logan's moving in with me this summer. Let me tell you something now. If there's someone you know, anyone, who loves pink... not an obsession or anything, but pink's their favorite color, so naturally the majority of their purchases are things in the color pink. I mean, if you're going to spend good money on something you might as well get it in your favorite color, right? Well, if you know anyone like that, you might as well warn them now. Warn them now that one day, someone, most likely a man, will move in with them, and not be as big as a fan of the color pink. Maybe they don't want their comforter and their bathroom and the rug in their room pink. Maybe they don't want pink sheets and pink artwork and pink blankets. 

Like me. I like pink. 

I'll admit, there are times when I realize that maybe I've gone a little overboard on the pink. 

These are the days when I walk into school with my pink polka dot tervis tumbler in my pink vera bradley bag and my pink vera bradley lunchbox... it's not until I pull out my pink laptop and set it next to my phone with a pink cover that I begin to wonder. That wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't all accompanied by whatever pink I am wearing that day, and there are few days when I am not wearing one thing pink.

Have you read the book Pinkalicous?  I just think it's a pretty color, okay???

But my camera's blue. And my car's blue.  And now... my comforter is blue.

We're getting somewhere!

So here's what my comforter/ room/ bed looked like before:

And now we have compromise:

See? Compromise! My second favorite color, light blue, with brown! It took forever to find this new comforter, and it was very aggravating. Eventually I got it from which is this great home site I got my bistro table for my front porch from.  I love the idea of the curtain hanging from the ceiling (inspired by sadie + stella), but unfortunately it's the wrong shade of blue. I'll be hunting for the right shade or maybe a shade of brown or cream. We'll see.

Anyways, to make this canopy, you just take two curtain rods (1.99 at Ikea!) and a curtain and hang! More details are on the sadie + stella blog... visit them!

I'm not only DEPINKIFYING my room, but I'm having to make some other changes to fit boy in my house. 

Step 1: Make room in the closet. I might have a 15 foot long closet, but it was painful making room. It took about 4 hours, but eventually I cleared away a whole rack for Logan to fit his clothes.    My goodness... what am I going to do if he doesn't use my hanger system??? (If you take clothes off of the hanger, you put the empty hanger at the end of the closet next to ones of like make and color). Is there a laundry bootcamp that teaches boys to put their dirty clothes in the laundry basket and hang the clean ones up? Hmmm... maybe this is something I could start. 

Step 2: Make room in the bathroom. This wasn't quite as difficult, I just moved some stuff around and gave him a drawer. To put things in. Because that's what you do when you finish using things. You put them in the drawer. Off of the counter. Away. Hidden. 

Anyways... I used the time as an excuse to make some nifty bathroom accessories. 

I made these holders by gluing a decorative cup from the dollar store to a candle stick with E6000 glue (I had never heard of this, but it works pretty well).  We'll use them to put q-tips, etc.

I found the idea for this on the blog: Found in the Ali

I also whipped up a makeup magnet board.  I saw this on pinterest (from Laurathoughts81) using a picture frame and sheet metal, but I found an actual magnet board at Joann's for $10 (which means $5 after my nifty coupon and teacher discount).  Now that I've made it, I would rather have a sturdy wood picture frame, but this will do for now.
All I did was get a roll of magnet, cut it up, hot glue a few magnets to the back of each piece of makeup, and stick! (I used hot glue so that it would be easier to remove if necessary).

Oh! One more thing I created recently... a filing cabinet trunk from Martha Stewart! This was perfect because I had a ton of files and a trunk (that I just HAD to have my senior year of high school) that was just being used to hold a few pet supplies. The trunk had pictures and ticket stubs all over it which was my first mod-podge project, but the pictures were all from high school and of people I wasn't that close to anymore, so I de-mod-podged (I took them all off).

So, I had this nice fresh [pink] trunk and I was all ready to drill holes and put dowels in to hang the files when we [Logan was actually in on this one... it involved tools] realized the files wouldn't fit with the dowels! Logan informed me that Staples/Office Max sells these metal filing cabinet thingies that you just put together and they hang files. You can put them in cabinets or wherever. One day and $15 later (they only sell them in packs of 4 :( ) I got to begin my project!!!

Clearing off the trunk was easy... putting together the hanger was easy... 

Organizing the files??? Ha! Good luck with that!

But eventually... I had my trunk!

I'm very excited about it and I can't wait to have a spot for it in my house (this won't be until December when we have a real guest room!) I'm thinking of adding a little more to it, such as cork boards on the top like on Martha's instructions, but we'll see.

Just a heads up: Some another thing I plan on doing to 'redecorate' and make my house Logan-inclusive (or to just have an excuse to make things) is the anthropologie-inspired shower curtain from sisterview!

Tune in in about 20 minutes for a few recipes I... ahem... attempted lately.  Also, an ADORABLE mother's day gift!!

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