Thursday, May 10, 2012

Candy Bowls for Mother's Day

I will end my posts for the day on a much lighter note... a wonderful CRAFT that I was able to finish and fall in love with.

This adorable craft is from Kara's Party Ideas. It's a bubble gum machine/ candy bowl.

I've been wanting to make one for myself, and for Logan, and for WHOEVER for the longest time.

Finally, for mother's day, I found the chance.

This project was incredibly easy and cheap to make!

I ended up make all three of us one in the same day!

Basically, you buy a small bubble bowl from wal-mart ($5) and a 4" terra cotta pot with plate ($2 at wal-mart). You also need doll pin stands and wooden knobs from Michael's/Joanns.

I painted my mom's and I's purple (purple is my mom's favorite color and I didn't have any pink spray paint for mine). I painted Logan's black. You're not painting the bubble bowl... just the pot, the plate, the doll stand, and the knob.

Then glue the bubble bowl to the inside of the pot, open side up (you're going to use the plate as a lid that you lift off.) I used that E6000 or whatever glue. I guess you could use hot glue too.

Glue the doll stand to the front of the pot to make it look like an opening, and the knob to the top of the lid to use as a handle to lift off.

Add a cute ribbon, and you have a candy dish!

To mine, I painted the words 'Kiss Your Brain' to the glass is puffy paint. I'm planning on using it for my classroom and filling it with Hershey's kisses so my students can get a kiss whenever they deserve it.

I added dark kisses to my mom's, and regular kisses to Logan's.

Aren't they so freaking adorable????
I came up with a brilliant idea for Tiffany's baby shower... Make one for her, fill it with bubble gum, and add something saying she's about to POP!

Or maybe an engagement one that says 'He POPPED the question'

Possibilities are endless.  I might just get back on etsy with these ones!

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