Thursday, April 5, 2012

No Rhyme or Reason

It's been awhile since I've posted, but I have the excuse of spring break! The lovely things I am posting today have no rhyme or reason (hence the name of the post) and were mostly created for my own amusement.

We'll start with the creations that just happened to fall around Logan and I's 3 year anniversary.

I made Betty Crocker's Grasshopper Fudge Cake (think of a thin mint... in a cake form) to accompany the lovely dinner we were going to celebrate 3 years with...

but we ended up going to a restaurant that had one of our favorite pieces of HUGE cake, so that definitely trumped my poor little green cake.

That was okay, because the cake ended up being a wonderful treat for not only us but all of the roommates we have collected, as well as a special addition to a spontaneous Sunday dinner party.
As usual, I learn something new from every recipe that I make. I learned that this cake is DELICIOUS, but I also learned that mint extract is kinda expensive and doesn't last long. Oh, and people are very weary of a green cake named after a grasshopper.
Ps. YES those are Andes mints on top :) I was NOT going to waste my leftover thin mints... must ration until next February!

Alright, time for a wonderful craft. This is one of those things I create and it just works out so well and I can't help just staring at it and loving it and being so proud that I MADE THAT. I was planning to make these as a present for our 3 year anniversary, but my mistakes mixed with my determination produced them a few days late. I love them more than any boy would anyways.

Here it is... my version of LOVE NOTE PILLOWS from alisaburke.

I began by making an attempt to make the whole pillow case, but after I bought the pillow and began to sew the pillow cases out of material, I decided I would stop there so I wouldn't mess up the whole project. It just didn't nearly good enough. I found these nice looking pillow cases for $7 each on amazon and they fit my new feather throw pillows perfectly! I used fabric transfer paper from Michaels... not that iron on stuff (BAD experiences with messing with that paper). I just printed them out and sewed them on. Ta-da!!!! Don't you LOVE them?

Just had an idea... wouldn't these be adorable with wedding vows????

Alright, let's talk about some recipes. I might have gone a little recipe-crazy this past week...

First, there was some deal at the grocery store where I ended up getting these mini sausages for free. Except I'm not a big fan of these guys. So I put a spin on Baked Corn Dog Muffins by dropping the sausages into corn bread batter in the pan. It was good! A nice little dinner.

Second, I tried out these ranch oyster crackers. I read on pinterest that they were addicting and they definitely were! They were a nice snack for a beach day on Sunday!

I brought these babies to school for snack this week and was the envy of many students. They weren't the easiest to eat... they left a few droppings on the floor. But they were the PERFECT combination. Apples, peanut butter, raisings, oatmeal... what more could I ask for?

For dinner, we endulged on these open-faced barbeque sandwiches made from Crockpot Barbeque Beer Chicken placed on garlic bread. I used root beer because it was all I had on hand, but it was still very yummy and satisfying. Definitely more of a man food than a me food, though.

Next, I would like to introduce you to... my new breakfast! Seriously, every morning this delicious thing graces my stomach and holds me over until lunch...

Looks disgusting, right? Sounds disgusting when you know it's spinach that is making it that wonderful color. But I'll tell you a secret... it's... MAGIC.
I would have never tried this recipe if I hadn't been brave enough to try my friend Meredith's smoothie a few months ago after she said it had spinach in it. "You can't taste it!" She said... I couldn't... but it didn't really stick with me until I saw it on pinterest.

All you do is add frozen banana, peanut butter, yogurt, milk, and a TON of baby spinach to a blender. Guess what you'll taste? Everything BUT the baby spinach. I've even experimented with this... adding more and more spinach each time, and I still only taste the bananas and peanut butter. Like I said, MAGIC. I also don't know the difference between regular spinach and baby spinach, but I also experimented with regular spinach that said it was 'perfect for cooking' and it turned out just as good... FYI!!!!

I'm pretty much eating a huge blended spinach salad for breakfast every morning.

Try it. Seriously.

One more recipe to mention before I move on to more magic... I tried out these frozen yogurt drops. I tried one an hour after freezing and they were good, but I left them in the freezer overnight, and when I ate them they had some weird film over them. Moral of the story is... eat them when they say to eat them... I guess milk exposed to open air in the freezer doesn't hold up too well.

Alright... one LAST thing. I can't think of someone who WOULDN'T love this. I found this stain remover magic (on pinterest of course) and tried it out that night. It worked perfectly! Logan couldn't even believe it... all he had to say about it was, "I bet they'll be back in a week... that doesn't really work"

Basically, take a spray bottle. Fill it half full with water, and the other half with ammonia. Spray on any stain on your carpet, no matter how old it is. Douse it. Don't be shy. Lay a towel over it and iron. Repeat as much as needed. Grab someone in your household and make them watch.

Here's my success story:



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