Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cookie Dough and Cheese Balls, Ticket Stubs and Teacher Gifts

I have been doing other things than bridal shower presents... I swear. Ive actually started a "Projects in Progress" page in my notebook to track everything I'm working on. Plus, it gives me a chance to check something else off when I've finished :)

First, I finally got around to making these cookie dough balls.

I learned that hard brown sugar may still work in a bowl of oatmeal, but not even a blender mixed with a microwave and a mixer would turn my brown sugar back into powder form from sugar-cube form. Downside of living in moist, hot Florida I guess (saw on pinterest that by keeping a marshmallow in a bag of brown sugar it will keep the sugar soft... must try with my next bag!). Anyways, my impatience got the better of me and I made the balls with lumpy brown sugar. I finished them up and tried one out. It was pretty good, but you would take a bite of pure brown sugar every once in awhile. I ended up eating around the lumps.
As usual, I brought some over to Logan.
Now, Logan is my biggest critic. If he actually remembers to say something about my creations that I don on him, it's usually "constructive criticism" followed by "... but its good." He bit into these cookie dough balls and actually said 'mmmmm!' Like he meant it! Like he actually enjoyed them! He complimented them! He kept going back for more! He hoarded them in his freezer (you know something's good when he hoards it). I didn't understand... was he faking it? Was he pretending not to notice the lumps just to be nice? He's not that kind of person... eventually I couldn't take it anymore and probed him a few days later. "Soooo... you have nothing bad to say about them? You didn't notice anything?" "I noticed lumps of brown sugar, but I thought they were supposed to be there, they're delicious!" Sigh. Only when things go wrong...

Another recipe I tried this week was these baked cheese balls. I've been meaning to make these for awhile and finally got around to it on Wednesday. I'm a sucker for mozzarella sticks as an appetizer at restaurants, so the thought of semi-healthy copycats was tempting. Pretty much, you just take cheese sticks, cut them up, dip them in milk, then roll them in bread crumbs and bake. Sounds perfect. Except before I even started I read all the comments about how the cheese melted into blobs on many people's attempts. I tried to avoid this by following their advice and freezing the cheese first. But I still ended up with this:

Oh well, I still ate them and they were delicious!!

I made a new craft that I've had on my to-do list for awhile... a Ticket Stub Box.
Of course, I keep all my ticket stubs, and I was so excited to make this to display them all! All I did was buy a shadowbox (on clearance for a few bucks at Michaels!), and my dad helped me out by sawing a little hole in the top to drop the tickets in. I put a Wicked playbill in the back, but you can't really see it. I would say if you have this many ticket stubs to get an 8x10 frame not a 5x7 or whatever like me. It works though because you can shake it around to see all the tickets. I taped Taylor Swift up at the top so it would always be visible :) The admit one sign was just printed on cardstock and hot glued up there.

Last but not least... a mini tutorial.

I'm almost done with my internship so I've been brainstorming gifts to make my teacher and students to say thank you. I thought about making a clipboard for each student with their initial on it (there's only twelve students) but couldn't find clipboards at the dollar store and wasn't willing to pay $2 each for them at targrt. I'll have to keep looking. For the teacher, I got her a book of song music for the schoolhouse rock songs (she has a piano and guitar in her room).

I also made her a school supply cake. I kind of followed the tutorial found here, but changed things around based on what I could find and what the teacher needed.

For my base/skeleton,I taped a plastic round trash can to a round plastic party platter, both found at dollar tree (I taped instead of glued so that the things could be usable afterwards).

I taped a small round tupperware container (dollar store) to the top of the upside-down trash can for the next layer, then a roll of toilet paper on top of that.

I placed 5 notebooks around the bottom layer and held them in place with a piece of ribbon tied around. I stuck a cute notepad in there too and a pack of erasers.

On the next layer (placed on the edge of the trash can leaning against the tupperware) I put four packs of small notepads behind two packs of colored pencils and two packs of regular pencils and some packs of pens. On the very top I put four packs of index cards and skinny colorful markers to look like candles.

For finishing touches I surrounded the bottom on the platter with alternating snickers and erasers.

That's all I have for now, but I'm working on quite a few projects. I finish my internship in a week and a half, so ill be crafting like crazy to fill my time! Get excited!

Ps. Sorry again for the typing of this post... it was done on my kindle!

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