Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pink Panty Droppers and Stockings

Exams are over...
Classes are over...
My internship is over...
For the next two weeks I have nothing to do except show up for the odd shift at work.

Let the games begin.

The other night I had an opportunity to make recipe #32... the Pink Panty Dropper. It's pretty much just beer mixed with frozen pink lemonade and vodka. It was good, much better than just beer alone.

At the moment I am making recipe #33, Apple Chips. It's great because my house smells like cinnamon apple. I always buy cinnamon apple candles so that my house smells like that, but this is the real thing!!!

Yesterday I completed an adorable office stocking for my dad, adapted from the missionary stockings found here.

Total cost for this present: $1.00 for the shirt at goodwill.

I also broke down and bought Christmas presents for the children I babysit for. I've handmade them gifts before, like the cloud pillow below, but they just don't ... get it ... and it ends up being a lot of work for no point.

With all my free time, I'm going to work on:
Fluffernutter Bites for my friend Rachel
Another Dammit Doll for a woman at my mom's work
Another Gator Wreath for Logan's parents?
A Teacher Wine Glass for my mom
Some Knight Shoes for me

I think I'll head over to the BETACenter and play with some babies too. That sounds like a plan :)

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